Cyberex started in 2000 with an entrepreneurial spirit and disciplined business approach. The initial purpose was to explore import and export with emerging markets. Our track record of successful business activities includes import/export, investments, and innovative technology implementations.

Conceptual beach house

Real estate

Our access to high quality construction material combined with our experience in real estate development resulted in construction and renovation of many fine projects in the mid-Atlantic area. Our recent projects in Washington DC are fine examples of integrating value-added services with exceptional quality materials satisfying even the most demanding homebuyers.

We will continue with our renovation as well as new developments throughout the Greater Washington Metropolitan area. In addition, we will explore other projects such as mutli-unit and commercial real estate.

Freight ship at sea

International Trade

Since its start in 2000, Cyberex has imported large volumes of construction material and home goods into the mid-Atlantic market. Our team has spent countless hours and thousands of miles in search of reliable suppliers of high quality construction materials. Many large construction companies in the United States have benefited from our skills and resources by importing exceptional quality products at reasonable prices.

Cyberex has substantial expertise in importing the following items:

  1. Wood flooring
  2. Composite material based flooring
  3. Prefab or raw Granite
  4. Marble slabs
  5. Bathroom components
  6. Kitchen cabinets

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